Only Divine Masculine Men Can Serve An Awakened Woman

What is the Divine Masculine?

The Divine Masculine represents a spiritual, psychological, archetypal ideal—the best and most inspiring, elevating, and restorative aspects of masculine expression and manifestation in the universe. “He”—along with the Divine Feminine—exists on a transpersonal, universal level that manifests through an individual’s psyche and becomes thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. (1)

I decided recently I will slow down on talking about “toxic black men”, and will speak more on the divine masculine men. Ill not only talk about identifying one, but will also giive examples. Papoose from Love and Hip Hop will be my example for today. This is one of the only men on this show you see not struggling or broken. Why? Because he knows that the more you keep your woman happy, the more increase he will receive in his own life. Her happiness is his happiness, and he has no problem expressing his devotion to his wife. 

He knows she has the key. Remy knows she has the key as well. You can tell she won’t expect any less from him than his consistent effort, his affirmations, his support, and his devotion. As she have said,”I’m conceited, I got a reason.” He even waited for her to come home from prison, which many women havent been afforded. Meanwhile sisters wait for men to come from prison, who wouldn’t wait for her to come home from work before he’ll try to replace her. #Digress. He waited for her, didn’t hold that over her head, gave her the space for her to continue fulfilling her dreams, and as she arises, she puts her whole family on her set. #GodShit

Only divine masculine men will understand this power of exchange. She’s a mystery, and what you will discover at the end of your journey into your woman is a treasure. A direct connection to the divine feminine. Where healing takes place. Where ascension takes place. Where the deepest connection is made. To know this, is to also know that this treasure needs to be secured. Provided for and protected. For the gifts she bare is far more than priceless.

The other men in the show have yet to learn this. They treat their women like TRASH, clearly wounded, no consisted relationship with a woman, and always in some drama with women. They are even always in drama with other men. Their bromance isnt even working out for them. Perhaps they need to learn how the game works from Pap, and then we’d could see more healthy relationships on shows such as these. 




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